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Industry Leading Company in Top Coating Show
Chinacoat --the world's leading coating show, was held from 15 to 17 Nov 2017 in Shanghai, China. Santint has shown its latest design and gained a lot of attention as well as praise.
Tailored booth, hi-tech machines, professional Santint staff… many reasons made the Santint to be the most popular.

Santint showed its most popular machines such as A4-Humming Bird Automatic Dispenser, S5 Automatic Vibrational Shaker and PA Paint Mixing Machine and introduced new products:A+ Automatic Simultaneous Dispenser, AC100 Automatic Car-refinish Paint Dispenser and S1 Manual Clamping Vibrational Shaker to visitors who gave recognition for the innovative design, outstanding performance and high technology of the new members of Santint products.

But the most eye-catching exhibit is the In-plant Tinting System of Santint. Visitors came and surrounded this automatic tinting production line to see how it works and were surprised by its matured technology, smart operation and zero pollution production. With compliment, many buyers and manufacturers expressed a strong sense of cooperation.

Chinacoat has been held more than 20 years and seen the fast development of Santint. The Santint staff will keep hard working to show the intelligent manufacturing in China to the whole world.
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